Who We Are

loglog is a collaborative project between the Presidents’ Organizing Initiative (POI) housed at the Martin Luther King Jr. County Labor Council (MLK Labor) and Partner in Employment (PIE). We’re here to help job seekers access open positions at unionized workplaces and break down barriers to high-road employment.


The Seattle Presidents’ Organizing Initiative was founded by the national AFL-CIO and the Presidents of some of the largest international unions in the country to grow union density through multi-union collaboration. The pilot version of this virtual hiring hall was founded in 2021, with funding from King County and the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development. The virtual hiring hall was originally envisioned as a means of placing people into meaningful employment during the COVID-19 pandemic with an emphasis on creating pathways for BIPOC, immigrant, and refugee workers to enter union jobs. The project works with Partner in Employment to provide language support and other essential wraparound services for immigrants and refugees. In 2023, the project was nominated by Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) for an investment from the Department of Labor to further develop the infrastructure of the virtual platform. The new was launched in 2024. exists to serve jobseekers and break down barriers to union employment. Scroll down to learn more about union jobs and get connected to support!

Why Union Jobs

A union is an organized group of workers who unite to have a say in their working conditions. Being part of a union gives workers the right to negotiate for workplace improvements as a group with their employer and their wins are guaranteed in the form of a union contract. Unions empower workers, defend their rights and keep employers accountable.

Unions are democratic non-profit organizations with leaders elected by the membership every few years. They are governed by constitutions, bylaws and other rules that are voted on by the membership.

Ultimately, unions begin with workers. There are millions of union members in the United States, who know that by standing together they can achieve greater things than on their own.

Workers in a union benefit from

The Union Advantage

The data proves there’s value in having a collective voice. Studies have shown that workers in a union are more likely to benefit from higher wages, better benefits, and pay equity.

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